The collection of child support has a profound effect on families. It provides necessities of life for the tens of thousands of children. Often the difference between new clothes, an adequate home, nutritional food, and participation in school activities, is the timely receipt of child support. It makes a difference! Some of the services provided by this Department are as follows:


Establishment of new orders for child support and medical insurance

For parents that do not have an existing child support order, there is nothing to worry about; we will take all the necessary legal and administrative actions to obtain one. In addition to establishing a financial amount, we will also include a health insurance provision that will seek to obtain coverage for the child(ren). Parents will be required to provide us personal information that will be used to calculate a proposed child support amount. Establishment of a new court order does not always require the need to go to court. Our Solutions for Parents program provides allows us the opportunity to work with both parents to reach a reasonable child support amount right in our office! We prepare the paperwork and file it with the court.

Enforcement of existing child support orders

Parents that have already obtained a child support order through a dissolution or paternity hearing and need assistance to collect support can receive assistance immediately! After a parent submits an application for services, we will ask for a copy of the child support order so we can quickly begin actions that will help parents receive payments. Although most parents who are ordered to pay child support are cooperative and understand the importance of timely and consistent payments, we have enforcement tools available only to the Department of Child Support Services to assist with collection of support.

Collection and distribution of payments

We take care of the difficult work so parents don’t have to. Most child support payments are conveniently deducted from wages, so that parents don’t have to rely on mail to send or receive payments. In addition, we offer parents the option to sign up for Direct Deposit or an Electronic Payment Card that works just like a debit card. Parents who pay support can sign-up for Electronic Funds transfers, or make one-time payments with a credit card. All payments that are processed through the State Disbursement Unit for proper payment application to accounts and funds are delivered within 2 business days.

Complete accounting of child support payments

Life is difficult enough juggling between home and work. Having to maintain accounting records is the last thing parents want to do. Our automated system ensures that every payment processed through the State Disbursement Unit is properly applied to the appropriate child support account(s). Furthermore, parents can confirm payments were processed by tracking them through their Customer Connect account. Parents will have to sign-up to receive a PIN in order to manage their Customer Connect profile online. As always, parents may also call our 24hr automated Customer Service line at 1(866) 901-3212 for automated account information or to speak to one of our customer service representatives during regular business hours.

Establishment of paternity

The legal process of determining a child’s biological father is called establishing paternity. There are various ways to establish paternity:

  • When a child’s fatherhood is in doubt or is contested, CSS can obtain reliable DNA evidence to help resolve the issue. The results of genetic testing are accepted by the court as viable evidence to prove who the father of a child is.
  • Parents may choose to establish paternity through the Paternity Opportunity Program (POP), a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity program that requires no genetic testing. This is accomplished when both parents sign a Paternity Declaration form. Find more information on POP.
  • Parents may choose to establish paternity by signing a Stipulation. This is a legal agreement signed by both parents that is filed with Suprior Court. Our Solutions for Parents program offers the opportunity to establish paternity and establish a child support amount. We prepare the legal documents and file them with the court.

Locate services

When it becomes necessary, our child support system connects with many information banks that enable us to find individuals for the purpose of establishing and enforcing child support orders. This includes local, state, and federal locate sources.

Call Center customer support and 24 hour automated telephone service

When there is a need to contact us directly, our knowledgeable child support services representatives are always ready to assist with any questions customers may have. For general information, account balances, to make payments, or to learn about specific child support topics, our 24-hour automated system provides most information customers seek. To view case information, communicate with Child Support Services, update the case profile, or make payments, parents may also log-on to their Customer Connect account at

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