A court can modify a child support order based on the filing of a motion requesting that it do so. Each case may be reviewed to determine whether an increase or decrease in the child support is justified. A request for Modification Review form can be found under Forms to Download or may be requested by contacting our office. The party seeking to modify must demonstrate to the court that there has been a change of circumstances warranting an upward modification since the child support order was issued. The court will then conduct a hearing and issue a new child support order in accordance with the Child Support Standards Act.

We offer parents the opportunity to resolve their child support matters and modify their court orders right in our office. We call it, Solutions for Parents. A program designed to provide an opportunity to meet with each parent to review and consider the details of each unique situation. For many parents, this may be the perfect alternative to going through the court process. When parents come to an agreement during a Solutions for Parents appointment, we prepare the necessary documents and file the Stipulation (agreement) with Orange County Superior Court. For those situations where an agreement cannot be reached, the option for parents to request a court hearing always remains available. Call us for more information or to make an appointment.