Calendar Settings in the IV-D Courtroom

CSS cases must be heard by a IV-D Commissioner and will be calendared in a particular courtroom on the basis of the last two digits of the Superior Court case number according to the table below.

If any party objects to the Commissioner acting as a temporary judge, the Commissioner may hear the matter and make findings of fact and a recommended order. Within 10 court days, a judge shall ratify the recommended order unless either party objects to the recommended order or where a recommended order is in error. In both cases, the judge shall issue a temporary order and schedule a hearing de novo within 10 court days. (Reference: Family Code §4251(c))

IV-D L51 L54
Department  00 - 49 50 - 99

Monday Through Thursday Calendar

The morning calendar is primarily reserved for motions set by parties other than CSS. These motions are predominately modification of child support, determination of arrears, wage assignments and license issues.

The afternoon calendar is reserved for motions filed by CSS. These include motions for judgment, modifications of child support, and arrears determinations. This calendar also includes the re-determination of financial issues in cases continued from the Law and Motion calendar.

Friday Calendar

Special Enforcement (Judgment Debtor Exams, Job Seek, and Civil Contempt) cases are set exclusively on Friday mornings.


We do not grant continuances and/or cancellations of hearings. That is a decision the court must make. If you contact CSS by dialing 1(866) 901-3212, we will relay your request to the court, but there is no guarantee that it will be honored. The court may proceed without you. Also, if you have been ordered by the court to appear, you should be in court unless you obtain permission from the court to be absent. Otherwise, the court could issue a warrant for your arrest.

Motions Initiated By the Parents

If there is a case open with CSS, you must serve the motion on CSS and the other parent. CSS will file a responsive declaration based on request in the motion. See Family Code §17404 regarding limitations and requirements on actions initiated by the custodial parent.