This section of the Orange County Child Support Services website is intended to assist the private practitioner in the following ways:

  • By providing information on the appropriate CSS employee to contact regarding your client's case and the most effective way to contact that employee.
  • By providing valuable information on resolving issues with CSS including: CDL and professional license suspensions, excessive administrative wage assignments, passport suspensions, compromising welfare and non-welfare arrears, FTB levies, obtaining information from CSS files, filing custody and visitation motions in CSS cases, stipulations in CSS cases and what actions to take when CSS based a default judgment on inaccurate income information.
  • By providing legal updates on new legislation and recent court decisions concerning child support issues, and other relevant subjects.
  • By providing information concerning child support enforcement tools exclusive to CSS, and why you as a private practitioner should consider referring your clients to CSS.
  • By providing links to websites that are valuable information resources when researching child support issues.